Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a live-in, fitness focused obesity recovery program. It’s the signature program of West Coast Fitness Vacations, located in Parksville on Vancouver Island.

You stay in beautiful private condos, shut out distractions and focus on yourself full time for 1-5 months. You’ll be with a secret army of 3 other women like you, with the same common goals. You’ll have your own kitchen and cook your own meals. Workouts are just like you’ve seen on TV: epic, emotional and downright exhilarating!

Stormy weather will match your mood… many times you’ll want to quit. This might be the hardest thing you’ve (never) done, but somewhere at the back of your mind, that narrative in your head is telling you to do it. It’s crazy, it’s a massive investment, it feels selfish. But between all the feels, if you keep coming back to this website and can’t get the ‘I should do that’ out of your head… then maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

What would it be worth to you, to never be held back by your weight again?

At the end of the stay you’ll be UNRECOGNIZABLE with normal body composition and relationship with food and exercise. Ready to start your new chapter, healthier and lighter in every sense.

My residential fitness camps are 1-5 months, outdoor in all weather conditions. We hike every day, working through OBC56 together with ‘basic training’ boot camp workouts. Obesity recovery is my super power, for those who are willing and able.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp offers inclusive fitness weight loss camps for women, age 35 and over. Stay in a luxury private condo residence by the ocean on beautiful Vancouver Island, while doing all the right things in your workouts, food, and lifestyle.

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ongoing monthly stays, year round. Inclusive of lodging, food, program. max 4 boot campers per month. stay 1-5 months.

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I know my stuff...

I’m a Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Executive Coach, Life Coach and Certified Hiking Guide with 20 years experience. I’ve hosted over 400 weeks of residential outdoor weight loss camps for beginner exercisers. 

During the height of my boot camp days, I had several successful auditions for the trainer of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, my best getting down to the final 10. I’ve owned multiple outdoor fitness companies over the years, and learnt a lot along the way. Hundreds of happy customers, thousands of pounds lost with  A+ rating and Better Business Bureau accredited since 2001. 

Licensed, registered and insured with 5 million liability for all my customers, I’m one of the only fitness programs in North America that accepts participants from high-risk health categories. 

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Lodging is in luxury vacation homes, steps from the beach in central Vancouver Island. There are stunning West Coast trails all around, and we hike every day. You’ll train full time to reclaim your fitness and optimal health. Each boot camper gets their own private condo with a beautiful, full kitchen. Say YES to you!

The ultimate mental toughness program

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is not for those made of sugar. We’re outside in all weather conditions, getting you reconnected with natures rhythm. It teaches you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, while embracing CHANGE. You’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself when you do things that are different and difficult.

If you know the West Coast, you’ll know it rains here pretty much every day! Personally I love the rain and the energy it gives. It’s invigorating, exciting and adventurous, and makes it motivating to move. 

We have private access to an amazing fitness studio that is mostly all windows. This is a nice option on days when stormy weather makes outdoor training unsafe or unpractical. 

All workouts are outside, rain or shine – even in winter. Our program is a mental toughness experience with weather elements a core part of the program.



Jan 3: Standby list open
Jan 31: Standby list open
Feb 28: 3 spaces
April 4: 2 spaces


May 2: 4 spaces
May 30: 4 spaces
June 27: 4 spaces
July 25: 4 spaces
Aug 22: 4 spaces

Last updated, Dec 5, 2020. Pricing pricing by request only  and in Canadian dollars – of course! Includes all taxes and fees: lodging in a luxury condo by the beach, program and food. 

Top 3 ways my boot camp is different

01 Safe to do with the pandemic

Max 4 guests per month with all covid procedures in place. We’re a small work bubble.  

02  Never more than 4 boot campers

Registration is kept small so that we can remain in operations safely through COVID-19 days. Some stay for the duration of their 100 pound weight loss project, others use Cat Smiley Boot Camp as a kick start.  


03 You cook your own meals

Each boot camper has their own full kitchen – granite counters, all the amenities. Yours to cook your own meals each day with provided ingredients. You do your own grocery shopping as well, as a team.  

Lodging at the Sunrise Ridge Resort & Spa for the duration of your program. We’ve also added 3 complimentary days to your stay in case you’d like to take your time after the wellness retreat to explore.

Team grocery shop each week with ingredients paid by WFV for the duration of your program. You cook your own meals, in your private room, just like at home. Can adapt to your tastes and preferences.

Amazing body transformation – lighter, stronger and fitter. You’ll feel better physically, mentally, spiritually.Motivation, clarity, education and peaceful realizations to make this whole weight loss thing DOABLE. Not only that, it will be enjoyable and empowering.

Daily weight loss camp schedule from 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. This includes activity, nature walks, boot camp on the beach, or restorative workouts, personal training and coaching, guided nutrition and much more.

You’ll sweat, eat, meal plan, workout, cry, laugh and transform with the same 4 women for one full month. Even though you have your own private residence, there’s social opportunity as much as you’d like.

21 day meal plan, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and meat free that includes 2 smoothies and one delicious meal. You’ll learn to menu plan with your own tastes and preferences.

Personal development to get unstuck and upgrade your actions and behavioural changes towards healthy living. You’ll gain confidence and build healthier self esteem, fitness and body image.Daily reflections, questions, and task lists to empower and inspire. Personalized fitness, nutrition or motivational support to keep accountable and on track.

Truly inclusive rates

We package everything together so you don’t get hit with extra bills. Want some personal training? You got it. No extra charge. Whatever you need within the scheduled activity, based on the groups customized schedule. 

Program fees include lodging, ingredients for your food during the program, taxes, transportation during program hours (unless distancing is advised). I am with you an average of 5 hours per day, Monday to Friday managing all areas of your fitness makeover project.

It doesn’t include getting to Parksville, food during the complimentary days of lodging at the end of your trip, things that you’ll need to bring. Your packing list includes a few higher priced items, like blender, heart rate monitor, outdoor athletic clothing and of course, getting to the island. We can lend you a blender and bathroom scale.

All sessions are steered towards major weight loss and mobility. Activity schedule and training is outside in all weather conditions. We use evidence based strategies for sustainable, permanent change.


Sample Day at Cat Smiley Boot Camp

One of the biggest benefits of joining my weight loss camp is the structured, purpose-driven schedule. The workouts are not mapped out or planned – they’re adaptable and fluid. As a master trainer with seemingly a million years of experience I’m able to design workouts in-the-moment based on each individuals athletic response. We adapt to the weather, to mentalities, to energy levels, and all things human. It’s the ‘no plan’ plan that becomes your daily dance, personally choreographed for you – like an elite athlete in training. This was the method my best conditioning coaches used with us on the Olympic team. It kept my passion for fitness both during and after my sports career. It will do that for you as well.

  • 6:30 AM

    Wake up, water, stretch, daily reflection or meditation. We have a hydration schedule to follow. Coffee is encouraged! 

  • 7.30 AM

    Morning smoothie - designed to reset your relationship with food, when you've come from binge eating background.

  • 9.00 AM

    Warm up power walk on the oceanside board walk followed by an athletic conditioning class. OBC56 basic training for strength and mobility. Balance, agility, coordination may also be the focus.

  • 11.30 am

    Lunch smoothie at your lodging, with short lunch break. We have smoothies twice a day as part of the intermittent fasting food plan.

  • 12 PM

    Stunning forest hike in one of the many trails nearby. Trails include Little Qualicum Falls, Top Bridge, Rathtrevor Park, Moorcroft Park and more. At least once a week do a sit-down nutrition and/or life coaching workshop.

  • 2 PM

    Back to your private lodging, done for the day. Time to work remotely, catch up on hobbies, watch movies... go to Starbucks for a tea.

  • 5 PM

    Start cooking your own dinner, following the recipes of The Planet Friendly Diet. This food plan is gluten, wheat, soy and meat free with fish and optional yogurt. The meal plan is 1200 calories per day.

  • 5.30 PM

    Eat dinner and relax for the rest of the evening. There are no scheduled activities after 2pm, although sometimes you might be recommended to go to physiotherapy, to roll, do extra stretching.

Women (like you) who’ve done it

Ready for the real and raw truth about winning the battle with yourself?



Get the ball rolling on working together.

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READ BBB: Rating & Accreditation A+, Years in Business: 19

“Cat Smiley is an incredible coach who believed in me during moments that I didn’t. She’s put together such a professional operation. I highly recommend West Coast Fitness Vacations to any woman who is ready to make positive change in their health.” – Megan Packington